Celebrate the Birth and Return of Sol Invictus


Join us to celebrate the birth and return of Sol Invictus, the Unconquered and Unconquerable Sun! We will be hosting our Roman ritual via Zoom, and will incorporate games, easily played on-line, into our Winter Solstice ritual. Feel free to bring cake, cookies, or cupcakes to celebrate!

Our style of ritual is open, so come and go as you please; no circle is cut. We encourage folks to participate, but join in the festivities at the level you feel comfortable.

Feel free to bring offerings to the Shining Ones (Deities, Ancestors, and Nature Spirits).

2022 High Day Ritual Dates Announced


Our High Day ritual dates for 2022 have been scheduled. They are as follows:

Imbolc: 1/29

Spring Equinox: 3/19

Beltane: 4/30

Summer Solstice: 6/18

Lughnasadh: 7/30

Autumn Equinox: 9/24

Samhain: 10/29

Yule: 12/17

All will be held at 2pm, location to be determined. We'll continue to remind you as each ritual approaches. Please mark your calendar and come join us!

Inis Ull Samhain Ritual - Journey to the Other Lands


We will journey with Mannannan MacLir in his boat as he parts the mists to the Other Lands and Realms. You will be invited to journey where Mannannan leads you, and to ask for inspiration, wisdom, insight, image, or symbol that will help you as we turn the wheel into winter and the dark time of the year.

We will also be honoring our Ancestors and those who have inspired us in our lives. We encourage you to bring pictures or mementos of those loved ones who have past. You will have the opportunity to share about those who inspired you and those ancestors who have passed.

Hecate's Guidance: Autumn Equinox


Join Inis Ull Apple Island Grove as we celebrate the Autumn Equinox with the Goddess Hecate. It is she who can traverse between the worlds, and is the companion and escort of Persephone, Queen of Hades who must spend the winter in the underworld and comes back to our world each spring.

Is these strange times of the ongoing pandemic, we don’t know what the winter will be like, so we are asking for Hecate’s guidance as we begin to move to the darker half of the year.

The King and Queen of Summer


Join Inis Ull Apple Isle Grove as we celebrate the coming together of the forces of light, Aengus and Brid ( or Brig) as the King and Queen of Summer. In Scottish lore, gone is the power of the Cailleach and forces of winter for a little bit longer as we celebrate the first grain harvest of the year.



Inis Ull Apple Isle Grove of NYC would like to invite you to to our Summer Solstice Celebration. We will continue to meet with joy outside on the Great Hill in Central Park.
We will be honoring Helios, the great Titan god of the Sun. He is frequently mentioned in the Lore as all-seeing, so we will be asking him to gift us with sight, knowledge, and understanding.
This is a continuation of the theme of far-sight, initiated by the Beltane oracle we received from our Oak Tree, part of which told us that we would once again be able to open our horizons and see far.

Return to the Land


Inis Ull Apple Isle Grove of NYC would like to invite you to to our Beltane Celebration. We are happy to announce our first meeting outside on the Great Hill in Central Park in a year an a half.

Strength and Healing from Brigit's Forge


You are invited to join Inis Ull to celebrate Imbolc, 2021. We will be honoring our patron, Brigit. We will go to her sacred forge to ask her for strength and healing. As a side note, be aware that you can attend all or a part of ADF rituals, so feel free to come and go as you need.


This ritual is on-line on Zoom. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85368597434?pwd=U0U0OHV1M3YzRVJURHZzV25NTUdoUT09

Seeking Blessings and Healing for the Nation


Inis Ull Apple Island ADF Grove invites you to join us for a special ritual on Saturday January 16, 2020. In this ritual we will be propitiating particularly American Gods for blessings for our country and for the healing of the deep divisions that have arisen in recent years. We will be calling in Mother Nature, Father Time, Lady Liberty, Justice, and most especially Columbia as our central deity. This ritual will be held on-line.
Topic: Inis Ull Blessing for Healing the Nation
Time: Jan 16, 2021 03:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)